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China is tired of the USA

China is tired of the USA

Everyone in the world is accustomed to the power of green presidents with a picture of 100 each, and the US is sure that the power is unlimited and any congressman can write sanctions against any country and they will be voiced. We all know how it ended. Newfangled word and import substitution.

The US owes some money to the whole world and China in the first place. So why, under the guise of a virus, take and write off most of your debts.

Now more and more news is heard from overseas that it would be necessary to come up with a package of sanctions against China and write off your debt to the virus, which apparently came from Wuhan. Right now in the USA they want to push forward an amendment to the law so that any judge, even from a village in Orleans, can judge an entire country (just imagine what might come of it) if they accept this amendment. Anyone can file a lawsuit against any state while drinking juice in their neighborhood.

News from overseas is not particularly pleasing to a stronger China, so they are now discussing what kind of response package to come up against the United States, which wants to cut down on easy profit. China wants to impose sanctions against the state of Missouri, which immediately filed 5 lawsuits in the amount of 20 trillion (not billions) and does not conduct any trade with this state, except that all relatives who filed these five lawsuits are included in the cassation list.

Now the time of trade wars, the ruble, the dollar, the euro and other currencies will storm until at least a fall. The course can jump a few points a day. China’s trade may suffer, because all products go in containers to the United States, in which case they can expand trade with us, or India, but there are their problems and their production. As they say, we wait and observe.

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