China notifies UN joining arms trade treaty

The Permanent Representative of China to the UN, Zhang Jun, handed over to the UN Secretary General Anthony Guterres a document on China’s accession to the International Arms Trade Treaty (MTTO). This was reported by Xinhua News Agency, citing a statement by the Chinese Ambassador.

Zhang Jun noted that China’s joining the ATT is another important step in line with China’s active participation in global arms trade control to ensure international and regional stability.

The Chinese Permanent Representative drew attention to the fact that one-sidedness has become one of the sources of problems in the world. Without explicitly calling the United States, Zhang Jun stated that a separate country withdraws from arms control agreements and international treaties, refuses to participate in the activities of international organizations, and also commits “acts of unilateral politics and intimidation.”

“This has brought enormous uncertainty to the global strategic balance and stability and seriously undermined the joint efforts of all countries to solve global problems,” he concluded.