China prepares for war with America

China prepares for war with America

The U.S. has noticed a sharp increase in the capabilities of China’s army.

Last Saturday, January 23, China conducted a “dress rehearsal” of the war with the U.S. over Taiwan. About this writes Forbes.

The American magazine commented on China’s sending towards the island of H-6K bombers, which are equipped with anti-ship missiles YJ-12. In addition, the U.S. aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt was in the region at the time.

The article states that Beijing needs the bombers to strike U.S. ships as well as to prepare for landings on the island.

“This war, if and when it begins, could begin with Chinese bombers heading toward Taiwan, as they did on Saturday,” the paper stresses.

It is noted that in the air the H-6K was accompanied by J-16 fighters and a Y-8 patrol plane.

“China has more than 200 H-6s in service. It is safe to assume that many of them will take part in the air war over Taiwan, which will probably also include strikes against US bases in that region,” the article says.