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China protests the US in response to Hong Kong sanctions

China protests the US in response to Hong Kong sanctions

Beijing expressed a “strong protest” to Washington over the decision to impose sanctions against Chinese officials over the situation in Hong Kong. Such a statement was made by a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong. Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the introduction of visa restrictions for “undermining the autonomy of Hong Kong and violating human rights.”

The statement said that these allegations are slanderous, and the Chinese government is more than anyone else interested in maintaining the principle of “one country, two systems” and the well-being of Hong Kong residents. It is noted that the authorities still intend to promote the law on national security. China called on the United States not to interfere in the internal affairs of China and Hong Kong, otherwise a “decisive rebuff” will be given.

Recall that members of the All-China Assembly of People’s Representatives previously approved the resolution “On National Security.” It provides for measures to prevent security threats in Hong Kong, including a ban on “secession, subversive activities and terrorism”. Supporters of Hong Kong’s autonomy fear that this will allow the Chinese authorities to detain undesirable citizens without trial. US President Donald Trump was indignant at the actions of China and announced the abolition of all privileges that were valid for autonomy – the United States no longer considers Hong Kong to be independent from Beijing.

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