China reacted to Trump’s decree against TikTok

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has responded to a decree from US President Donald Trump to restrict TikTok and WeChat apps, Reuters reported, citing local media outlets.

Chinese diplomats stressed that they strongly oppose such a measure by the United States. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that Beijing will protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.

Earlier it became known that Donald Trump signed a decree “On Combating the TikTok Threat”, prescribing a ban on any transactions with TikTok and WeChat in the United States. The document says that the distribution in the United States of applications developed in the PRC and owned by Chinese companies “threatens national security, foreign policy and the US economy.”

According to the US authorities, the current owners of TikTok may collect data about American users and transfer it to the Chinese authorities. In Washington, they threatened to block the social network in the United States, but then made it clear that they would be satisfied with the purchase of the American share by a local company.

Microsoft has shown interest in buying TikTok, but the White House is putting pressure on negotiators. Trump on August 3 demanded that the deal be closed by September 15 of this year under threat of blocking whoever becomes the buyer. According to the American president, it would be fair if the seller or the buyer transferred a percentage of the deal to the US Treasury, without which the sale of the company would be impossible.