China released a documentary about the fight against coronavirus in Wuhan

China released a documentary about the fight against coronavirus in Wuhan

The film will tell the story of patient suffering and the hard work of doctors.

Coronavirus COVID-19 was first detected in China in late 2019. It was in the province of Wuhan, a city of more than several million people, that the first case of infection with this dangerous disease was recorded.

The disease was able to spread outside the city, even though the Chinese authorities had quarantined it. Soon the virus was already recorded throughout the Middle Kingdom. A few months later, the World Health Organization announced the beginning of a pandemic, as COVID-19 spread almost worldwide.

Note that in order to combat the infection, the authorities of many countries were forced to impose strict quarantine restrictions on their territories.

However, almost a year has passed since then. China has already created a vaccine against coronavirus. And now, it became known that on the eve of the anniversary of the 76-day lockdown in Wuhan, China, the country released a documentary about the fight against the coronavirus.

The film was called Days and Nights in Wuhan. In it, 30 filmmakers produced a video that shows the suffering of the victims, the work of medical professionals and the relentless fight against COVID-19.

The film was directed by Cao Jinling. It is noteworthy that the film was made with the support of the state. In addition, it is going to be shown to audiences in cinemas and at many festivals.