China retaliates against the US due to Uyghur law

The Chinese side announced its intention to take measures against the United States a few days ago.

China today announced the application of retaliatory sanctions against the United States, reports Reuters. This decision was a response to the measures taken by the United States authorities in relation to Chinese officials and related to the adoption of the Uyghur law.

Such sanctions are another round of tension between countries over the last time. Earlier, the parties had mutual claims related to the coronavirus pandemic, trade issues, as well as the US ban on restricting Huawei’s activities in the country.

China’s response was imposed on Senators Ted Cruise and Marco Rubio, Congressman Chris Smith, and Sam Brownback, US Special Envoy for Religious Freedom and head of the Congress’s Relations Committee with China. In addition, Rubio, Cruz and Smith are members of the Republican Party, represented by President of the United States Donald Trump.

Hua chuning
Press Officer of China’s Foreign Minister

By its actions, the United States seriously intervenes in the internal affairs of China, violates the basic norms of international relations and damages relations between countries. China is ready to take the following steps, depending on the development of the situation.

Uyghur law was signed by US President Donald Trump three weeks ago. United States sanctions may include people and organizations involved in the persecution of Uyghurs.

Uyghurs are a Turkic-speaking nation, the vast majority of whom live in Xinjian province in western China. By religion, the Uyghurs are Sunni Muslims, and human rights organizations estimate that more than 1 million Uyghurs and representatives of other Muslim minorities are in Chinese “re-education camps”, where they are forced to abandon their language, culture and religion.