China revealed the truth about coronavirus

12 months ago

Zhong Nanshan, a well-known virologist and medical adviser to the PRC government, confirmed that in Wuhan, information about patients with COVID-19 was really hidden. However, data hiding, he said, occurred only at the very beginning of the pandemic, CNN reports.

The adviser told the Wuhan authorities that the new virus is being transmitted from person to person in mid-January. January 18, Zhong visited Wuhan. On arrival, he received many calls from doctors and his former students. They warned him that the situation is much worse than officials officially say.

“At that time, local authorities did not like to tell the truth. At the very beginning, they were completely silent, but then I said that, probably, more people are getting infected with us, ”the virologist said.

Zhong noted that he had suspicions when the number of cases officially registered in Wuhan (41) did not change for more than 10 days, although the infection had already appeared abroad.

“I did not believe such statistics and continued to demand real data,” he said.

In the end, the virologist got the truth from local officials. They admitted that on January 20 in Wuhan, 198 people were ill with COVID-19, and three had already passed away.
After this, the falsifications ceased. Starting January 23, all the information from Wuhan was true, Zhong claims.

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