China says it is ready to go all the way in case of a trade war with the United States

China expects to settle trade disputes with the U.S. through negotiations, but in the event of a trade war is ready to go to the end, Chen Xu said at a briefing by China’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva.
“If the issue is limited to trade conflict, I am not an expert, but I think it would be easier. We can develop a package that may not be 100% satisfactory to both sides, but with which the sides are willing to work. This is a de facto mutually beneficial situation for everyone. But if the situation is much bigger than a trade conflict, the situation will be different,” he said.
The Permanent Representative stressed that, given the statements of the US President, the situation is presented in a different light, as an attempt to suppress the growth of the Chinese economy. And in this case, the use of trade tariffs and sanctions “is not a wise choice.
“We still hope that it is possible to develop a common package. We are ready for a dialogue and the doors are open. But if we face a trade war, which was not our choice, we will have to fight to the end,” he stressed.