China sends warplanes to Taiwan

China sends warplanes to Taiwan

As many as 12 warplanes violated the country’s air borders.

China is a big country with equally big ambitions. The Chinese authorities consider many territories that at the moment are not officially part of this state to be their own. Although there has been no full-scale military invasion, there have been some unpleasant, provocative situations.

On January 23, eight H-6K bombers and four J-16 fighters from China were spotted in the airspace of Taiwan. It is noteworthy that the aforementioned bombers are capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Local media as well as the Australian TV channel ABC report that Chinese warplanes approached Taiwan’s airspace from the southwest. Because of this, Taiwan’s air defense systems were forced to deploy “tracking” missiles to fire them in case of an attack.

Note that China takes the position that Taiwan is its territory. The air borders of the small island state are violated by Chinese planes almost every day. However, today’s situation is special, because the number of planes is very large – as many as 12.

Taiwan has issued radio warnings to Chinese planes and deployed anti-aircraft missile systems to monitor this activity.
Recall that China is suspected of creating climate weapons.

The official Chinese media claim that weather control methods are safe, efficient and cost-effective ways to solve many climate problems at once. In particular, by causing precipitation in the right areas it is possible to compensate for drought, clean the air from harmful dust or even prevent a hurricane by preventing clouds from forming into a storm front beforehand by “defusing” them.