China started taking anal swabs for coronavirus

China started taking anal swabs for coronavirus

China has begun using a new method for testing for coronavirus – anal swabs.

This unusual method began to be used along with nasal and oropharyngeal swabs, as well as tests for antibodies. During the procedure, a cotton swab soaked in saline solution is inserted into the anus for about two to three centimeters.

According to the newspaper, more than 1,000 schoolchildren and teachers in Beijing have already undergone this procedure after an asymptomatic patient was found in one school. Anal swabs also have to be taken when they arrive in the capital. One woman told the publication that authorities told her to take a swab herself when she was undergoing mandatory quarantine after flying in from Hong Kong.

Earlier it was reported that a new epicenter of a coronavirus pandemic has emerged in northeastern China, in Jilin province. In addition, high incidence rates are recorded in Hubei province, the most affected by the first wave of the pandemic.

Against the background of the increase in coronavirus infections, Chinese authorities have resumed the construction of temporary hospitals for people with coronavirus. In particular, in the city of Nangong, Hebei province, a 1,500-bed medical facility with the corresponding profile was built in five days.