China suspected of developing climate weapons

China suspected of developing climate weapons

Many countries since the mid-20th century have been developing and actively applying various methods of weather management.

The State Council of China has announced that by 2025, the national system of active influence on hydrometeorological processes will control about 60% of the country.

The official Chinese media states that the methods of weather management are safe, efficient and cost-effective ways to solve many climate problems at once. In particular, causing precipitation in the right areas can compensate for drought, clean the air from harmful dust or even prevent a hurricane by preventing clouds from forming into a storm front by “defusing” them in advance.

The corresponding circular was released in early December and has raised concerns among climate science experts around the world. The document states that China will actively stimulate scientific research and applied developments in the field of weather management in order to achieve the stated goal.

Bloomberg has published a wary analysis of the current situation with the active impact on hydrometeorological processes in China. Now China already has the world’s largest weather management system, which has no analogues in the world. At the same time, well-established methods of causing rain, snow or hail can potentially be used as weapons.

The article cites multiple sources showing the scale of China’s weather modification infrastructure. As early as 2015, all regions of mainland China were operating hail and precipitation summoning programs.

In 2018, more than 500 special burners developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) were installed on mountain slopes in the Tibet Autonomous Region. The devices are designed to spray silver iodide over large areas. According to the results of the experiment, scientists stated that this way it is possible to increase the amount of precipitation in the surrounding regions by 10 billion cubic meters.

Bloomberg experts understand that it will be impossible to force China to limit its ambitions in this area.