10 months ago

China suspended US chicken import due to COVID-19

10 months ago

China has suspended US chicken imports due to an outbreak of coronavirus at a meat processing plant in Arkansas. According to Chinese customs officials, a check has begun on the virus for all imported chicken meat and fresh products, Tengrinews.kz reports with reference to Reuters.

An outbreak of coronavirus was recorded among workers at a Tyson Foods meat processing plant in Arkansas. The test for coronavirus was positive in 481 employees out of more than three thousand workers in this enterprise.

Last week, China also suspended pork imports from Germany, where more than 1,000 workers were infected with the coronavirus at Tonnies, the largest meat processing plant in the north-west of the country.

China has introduced ubiquitous testing of imported meat following the Beijing coronavirus outbreak associated with the Xinfadi wholesale market. In the market, a coronavirus was found on a cutting board from an imported salmon seller.

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