China threatens Apple with the same bans that the US imposed on Huawei

12 months ago

I think everyone remembers the current situation of Huawei. Due to the fact that the US authorities recognized the company as a threat to national security, it was forbidden to cooperate with American enterprises and use their best practices. So Huawei lost access to full-fledged Android with Google services and now is forced to re-release old smartphones several times in a row with new names in order to somehow respond to consumer demand. It would seem, what could be the case with what happened to Huawei users of Apple devices? But soon companies from Cupertino could arrange a similar blockade.

How China crushed Apple for itself

Chinese authorities are threatening the United States in the event of further tightening of sanctions against Huawei to impose similar restrictions on Apple. It is reported by Reuters with reference to official representatives of China. Despite the fact that this measure is an exclusively political move aimed at finding out the relations that have worsened recently between the authorities of the two countries, Apple could suffer from this quite seriously, in fact, finding itself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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