China, which shot down 67 American planes, showed US air combat

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force has released a video for the first time showing a picture of a pilot inside a fourth-generation J-10 fighter. The corresponding video of the “dogfight” with the participation of these planes was published on Twitter by the largest Chinese news newspaper People’s Daily.

The video’s signature says that the fighters shown on the frames are assigned to the brigade of the Northern Military District, which shot down or damaged 67 American aircraft during the Korean War. Users, commenting on this message, were surprised at such a statement by the PRC, which did not officially participate in the conflict, but noted that “Chinese people’s volunteers” were involved in the hostilities, which lasted from June 1950 to July 1953.

The American edition of The Drive, which drew attention to the video, noted that in the version of this video (without musical accompaniment), Chinese pilots communicate with each other in English. The publication found it difficult to name the reason for this, not excluding that we are talking about installation. Also, according to The Drive, the cockpit shown in the video belongs to the two-seat version (J-10AS) of the J-10A fighter, which is intended, in particular, for electronic warfare and pilot training.

In November 2018, an East Pendulum user posted on Twitter a video showing the performance of a J-10B fighter (with a Russian engine installed on it) during demonstration flights at the AirShow China 2018 exhibition of aerobatics “Pugachev’s cobra” and “maple leaf”.

The fourth-generation Chinese all-weather multi-role fighter J-10 is considered an analogue of the Russian MiG-35. The serial flight made its first flight in June 2002. Initially, the J-10 received Russian engines, in the future it was planned to equip the fighters with Chinese ones.