China will launch an entire observatory into space

China will launch an entire observatory into space

In December this year, China plans to launch the GECAM space telescope into orbit.

The GECAM space telescope will study gravity waves and electromagnetic phenomena caused by massive space objects. Xinhua agency writes about it with reference to the State Space Sciences Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The telescope will be a whole space observatory, which consists of two artificial satellites located at opposite points of Earth orbit. Thus, the scientists hope to scan the celestial sphere in search of gamma radiation more effectively.

Gravitational waves – space-time oscillations caused by massive objects that move with varying acceleration. The existence of such waves predicted by Albert Einstein even more than a hundred years ago, but they were first recorded only in September 2015.

Scientists have already observed gravity waves from the fusion of two black holes, two neutron stars, a black hole and a neutron star. The discovery of such gravity waves is an important confirmation of the general theory of relativity.

In addition to gamma rays from gravitational wave sources, the GECAM telescope will scan high-energy radiation from cosmic signals of unknown nature and monitor flashes from neutron stars.

It is noted that the space observatory will be launched from Sichian Cosmodrome in Sichuan Province.