Chinese will be asked to give birth more

Chinese will be asked to give birth more

In China, they decided to adjust the policy of reducing the birth rate. So, as part of the fight against the aging of the nation and the shrinking workforce, citizens of the country will be asked to give birth more.

“A universal second child policy is by no means the end of family planning policy optimization. More inclusive demographic policies will be introduced to improve fertility, labor force quality and population structure, ”said Yuan Xin, vice president of the China Population Association.

He also stressed that in recent decades, demographic policy has been aimed at encouraging lower fertility. This was facilitated by appropriate measures in the social and economic fields.

Currently, experts are discussing the weakening of such a policy. In particular, the question is being decided whether Chinese couples will be allowed to have up to three children or whether the policy of restricting births will be canceled.

According to Sin, new rules should be introduced based on the situation in a particular region. “We found that in some poor areas in the West, people are still obsessed with having more children, so looser family planning policies can mean more children for them and make it harder for them to get out of poverty,” he explained.

In January of this year, it was reported that the birth rate in China fell at a record. The number of the able-bodied population, which includes people from 16 to 59 years old, is also decreasing: over the past year, their number has decreased by 890 thousand people. At the same time, the country’s population is aging rapidly.