Chuck Norris suspected of participating in pro-Trump rally

Chuck Norris suspected of participating in pro-Trump rally

American actor Chuck Norris was suspected of participating in protests in Washington on January 6. A supporter of U.S. President Donald Trump published a photo with a man who looks like an artist.

The photo with a man wearing a cap with the inscription “Trump 2020”, who is standing next to a man who looks like 80-year-old Norris, appeared on Instagram a few days ago. However, the photo went viral after it was shared on Twitter and captioned “Wait, so we’re just not going to mention the fact that Chuck Norris was on the MAGA riot?”

A spokesman for the actor issued a denial about his involvement in the protests in Washington.

“It’s not Chuck Norris, it’s his wannabe. Besides, Chuck is much prettier,” the actor’s manager assured, noting that the actor remains with his family in Texas.

The actor himself later denied participating in the rally.

“I recently learned that someone who looked like Chuck Norris was at the protests in Washington. It wasn’t me, I wasn’t there,” Norris said on Twitter.

American film actor and martial artist Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris became famous for his roles in the movie “Way of the Dragon” and the TV series “Cool Walker.”

On Jan. 6, Trump supporters invaded the Capitol during the confirmation process of Democrat Joe Biden as president. Five people were killed. After that, Congress initiated a new impeachment proceeding against Trump.

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