Church ministers in Germany apologise for medieval witch hunts

Church ministers in Germany apologise for medieval witch hunts

Church ministers in Eichstätt have apologised for the persecution of women on witchcraft accusations dating back 400 years.

In particular, according to Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke, the persecution of innocent people on witchcraft charges is a shameful milestone in the history of the church. This was reported by the Independent.

The bishop announced that a memorial plaque will be erected in Eichstätt in memory of the victims of church repression and persecution.

German clergymen have been apologising for the bloody terror of the medieval Catholic Church since 2011. This was started by Pastor Hartmut Hegeler.

In the nine years since then, clergymen from 50 German cities around the country have apologized for the bloody massacres on the pretext of accusations of witchcraft.

The massacre of people accused of witchcraft in Eichstätt was first reported by the Munich artist Wolfram Kastner, who discovered the records of the interrogations.

He then publicly read out the records he had discovered in the town square, which recorded the stories of people falsely accused, tortured and murdered.

It is known that between the 15th and 17th centuries about 400 people were tortured and executed in the town on charges of witchcraft. Throughout Germany, some 25,000 people were murdered under the guise of witch hunts.

About 60,000 people in Europe were murdered and tortured at the hands of clergymen on charges of witchcraft.