CIA kidnapped relatives of deceased brother of Kim Jong-un

Korean writer Sukhi Kim said that CIA officials kidnapped the family of Kim Jong-un, the half brother of North Korean leader Kim, who died in 2017.

According to Sukhi Kim, the relatives of Kim Jong-nama, who died in Malaysia – his wife, daughter and son – contacted Chullima Civil Defence, a defector support group later renamed Free Joseon, after his death. This was reported by The New Yorker.

The activists managed to develop a plan to grant asylum to the DPRK leader’s relatives, but the CIA intervened in the situation.

Sukhi Kim specified that one of the group’s leaders, Adrian Hong Chan, had told her the details of what had happened.

Hong Chan said that after receiving a request for help from the nephew of DPRK leader Kim Han-sol, he sent a member of the organization to the Taiwan airport where he met with the young man and his family.

After the meeting, they were accommodated in two rooms in the waiting room, and Hong Chang allegedly began negotiating with different countries to resolve the asylum issue.

Eventually, it was decided that the family would go to the Netherlands, but the first flight failed: the harbor staff refused to let the Koreans on board, and Hong Chan suggested that airport staff were aware of what was happening.

While the activists tried to resolve issues with tickets and the airport administration, the family continued to wait in the waiting room. At some point, two men came and introduced themselves as CIA employees.

One of the strangers promised that he would accompany the family during the flight. However, the family never appeared in the Dutch airport Schiphol.

Writer Sukhi Kim noted that several sources in the conversation with her confirmed that the CIA “intercepted” Kim Khan Sul and his family. At present, the whereabouts of the Korean family are unknown.

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