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City found more than three thousand years old

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In the south of Egypt discovered lost city, whose age is estimated at 3.4 thousand years.

According to the publication Al Balad, it was founded by Pharaoh Amenhotep III.

Pharaoh lived in the XIV century BC. However, historians argue that the city developed before the Pharaoh’s reign.

“The city, which was called the Ascension of Aton, was Egypt’s largest administrative and industrial settlement on the west bank of the Nile at Luxor. Already in those days the city was divided into streets, and the houses reached three meters in height. It is well-preserved, the walls of houses remained almost intact, and many rooms were filled with utensils, as if the inhabitants simply walked away, leaving everything in its place”, – said the head of the expedition Zahi Hawass.

According to scientists, the streets of the city are surrounded by houses, with walls up to three meters high. Egyptologists found a bakery and cooking area with ovens and pottery. Many casting molds for making amulets and decorative elements, as well as tools for spinning and weaving suggest that the city was used to make decorations for temples and tombs.

On a vessel found with dried or boiled meat weighing up to ten kilograms, the inscription read: “37, stewed meat for the third feast of Heb Sed from the slaughterhouse of the Kha cattle yard, made by the butcher luwy.”

This confirms the life of the city during the time of King Amenhotep III and his son Ehnaton. Moreover, a huge cemetery was found in the settlement, but its size has not been determined.

According to the archaeologist, excavations began in September 2020 to find the burial temple of Tutankhamun.

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