CNN: in the U.S. several Republicans called on Trump to allow Biden to obtain intelligence data

According to TV sources, more and more Republicans are saying that Biden should be treated as an elected president

Several influential Republican lawmakers recommended that U.S. leader Donald Trump ensure that Democrat Joseph Biden receives information from the country’s intelligence services. This was reported by CNN on Thursday.

According to his sources, “an increasing number of Republicans are calling on the Trump administration to treat Biden as an elected president and to begin conducting intelligence briefings for him.

Influential Senator Lindsay Graham (Republican from South Carolina), who is considered one of Trump’s closest associates, is among those who supported the proposal. “Yes, I think he should [do this,” the legislator said in an interview with CNN, referring to the U.S. president.

The senator said that he had not yet expressed his opinion on this issue in contacts with the White House representatives. He expressed hope that Biden would soon be briefed on the matter. The Ohio Republican Senator, Rob Portman, agreed with Graham. “I don’t think it would hurt,” the channel quotes him as saying. Senator Chuck Grassley (from Iowa), as well as some other Republicans, has the same opinion, as noted in the article.

Earlier this week, the U.S. National Intelligence Director’s office circulated a statement noting that Biden would be briefed after he was named president by the Federal General Services Administration. This independent agency is in effect the U.S. government’s administrative and economic division, with primary responsibility for public real estate and the automobile fleet.

The general elections in the United States were held on November 3. According to estimates by leading U.S. media, Biden secured the support of more than 270 voters, whose votes he needed to defeat Trump in his struggle to win the presidency. Biden announced that he had won the election. Trump, who was running for a second term, did not admit defeat and announced his decision to go to the courts regarding the counting of votes, because in his opinion, there were numerous violations at the election by the Democrats.