Cold Civil War: experts evaluate what is happening in America

Recently, Vesti on Saturday quoted an article in The New York Times and, unfortunately, were not mistaken in predicting that it would be the beginning of a new saga. The article was devoted to the fact that a certain unit of Russian military intelligence of the GRU bribes Taliban fighters in Afghanistan to kill the American military, although for some reason they were called in the American newspaper in the British manner – “commando” – probably for fleur. Since then, the second article has already been published. It contains the name of an Afghan who suddenly suddenly enriched himself somehow, Rakhmat Azizi. In Congress, demands were made to impose sanctions personally against Putin and Shoigu. What will happen next? For commentary on Saturday News, they turned to people who truly knew. This is not a military but political intelligence veteran Colonel Bezrukov, Russia’s long-standing ambassador to Afghanistan Kabulov, Senator Kosachev and political scientist Lukyanov.

  • Why should Russian intelligence use the hands of the Taliban to kill the US military in Afghanistan?

“Russian intelligence has nothing to do with it.” First, the Taliban do not need to be motivated to kill Americans. They’ve been doing this for 19 years, and absolutely free of charge, ”explained Colonel Andrei Bezrukov, a member of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy.

The Foreign Ministry on Smolenskaya-Sennaya is where we go further. Ambassador Zamir Kabulov headed the Russian Embassy in Kabul for many years.

  • I am not a military expert, but still graduated from the military department. Therefore, I reason logically. In Tajikistan – the 201st Russian base. She is looking at Afghanistan. In any large military formation there is intelligence. Surely, Russian intelligence officers cross the Afghan border and conduct research there, ”said Kabulov. – We are entering on slippery ground, probably.

“Why would the Russian military bribe the Taliban to kill Americans?” Indeed, in fact, the Taliban are in this case a threat to the Russian military in Tajikistan.

“There is absolutely no reason, you are right, and I will try to explain the logic.”

Here, however, we immediately add the opinion of political scientist Fedor Lukyanov, chairman of the swap presidium. “As for Afghanistan, it seems to me that such an unspoken consensus has long been formed in the United States that this is an absolutely disastrous matter,” Lukyanov said.

The main enemies are the Taliban, whose contacts in Moscow are not hidden. The floor is for parliamentarians Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs.

“Can you deal with the Taliban?”

“You need to deal with the Taliban,” Kosachev is sure.

“Is it necessary because the Taliban are the enemies of America, and now it is her turn to lose her war in Afghanistan?”

  • Well no. Actually, it was the Americans themselves who decided not only to establish contact with the Taliban, but more recently to come to a public agreement with them: you are no longer shooting, but we are withdrawing troops.

“A year and a half ago, they offered us (we didn’t ask, they offered to cooperate with us) for the sake of the fact that they are withdrawing troops,” Zamir Kabulov noted.

  • Americans suggested?
  • Yes, they suggested: “Will we cooperate?” We said, “Let’s come.” But since everything has already been decided, they are leaving, why should we spend money on hypothetically killing American soldiers when they are already leaving?

But what is the American layman hearing about Afghanistan now?

  • The logic of all the accusations that have been made against Russia for quite some time comes from one axiom that Russia, specifically Putin, has one great goal – to inflict maximum damage to America at any cost, at any point, no matter what, – said Fedor Lukyanov.

But House Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi reunites Russia and Putin with Trump. “We must impose sanctions on Russia. And we must do it right now! The US president is our commander in chief. He must be able to make decisions that directly affect the security of our country. And to do this, he must have information. What he Ignored such important information during one of the briefings – this is a violation of official duties, “said Pelosi.

  • The publication of The New York Times looks like a very well-invented political move, but politically internal. Because the picture is a vicious foreign dictator, the enemy of America bribes bandits to kill American hero soldiers, and the Supreme Commander wanted to spit on all this and pretends that this is not happening – it is perfect for the election campaign. Actually, we see that this is already being promoted, ”emphasized Fedor Lukyanov.

Sorry for such details about the lady, but Nancy Pelosi is 80 years old. She looks great, but ugly attempted impeachment. For her, the current story is a foul of last hope, says Andrei Bezrukov. “She is such a dinosaur that sees a meteorite flying and understands what is left for long,” he said.