Color revolution in the USA

Former Trump speechwriter Darren Beatty says that a “color revolution” scenario is being implemented in the United States, identical to the one that was implemented in Ukraine.

Many have described the actions taken against Trump as a coup d’état. And this is certainly true. But this term is too general and vague.
What is unfolding before our eyes is a very specific type of coup d’etat called the “color revolution”. This is the regime change model preferred by many in our national security apparatus. Especially in relation to the countries of Eastern Europe, where they are overthrowing the regimes they dislike.
One of the models – I’m not talking about the “color revolution” now – is to send troops to another country and to remove an unwanted leader by military force. As, for example, it was in Iraq.
Color Revolution ”is a slightly more subtle and cunning model. It has several characteristic features, but the main one is the combination of an artificially created scenario with contesting the election results and massive, mobilized protests. They are termed “peaceful protests” and “acts of civil disobedience”.
If this sounds familiar to you, listen further, or else it will be! The same strategies and tactics are not just being used against Trump as against the Eastern European dictators who dislike our national security apparatus. Literally the same people do it! Professionals of color revolutions, with extensive experience in using these tactics and strategies against foreign leaders they dislike, are now using them against democratically elected President Donald Trump. The same people acting according to the same scenario!

I would like to talk about one of the key figures in this operation. This is not only a link between the “color revolutions” overseas and the “color revolution” against Trump. It is also the link between litigation and mass mobilization, so called peaceful protests. The man’s name is Norm Aizen – a leading legal hitman, a Democratic functionary, and a former “ethics king” in the Obama administration – believe it or not.

He is also the leading architect of virtually all efforts to censor, sue, impeach or overthrow the president. He is the author of a real manual on the “color revolution”, as it is directly called – “manual”. And one of the measures he calls for in his training manual to overthrow the overseas regimes that he does not like is the development of scenarios with fraudulent elections, the use of fraud to create mass protests that question the legitimacy of a particular leader.

Norm Eisen has a long and controversial track record, starting with his work at CREW. This is the legal wing of the (Democratic Party. – InoTV). He has more than 180 lawsuits against Trump on his account. He formulated ten articles of impeachment even before the president’s telephone conversation (with Zelensky – InoTV). He was a special advisor to the Democrats on impeachment. He is involved in literally every aspect of this “color revolution” against Trump.