Colorado firefighters leave a note of apology after chopping down a fence to save a house from fire

Colorado firefighters who put out two of the largest wildfires in state history left a touching note to the owners of the house

Grand County homeowner Daniel Stones released on Sunday a handwritten note left by the firefighters who saved his home from the second-largest fire in state history.

“If you are reading this note: we had to do something. We apologize that your barn was damaged and a wooden fence was broken to save your house. It was very hot and we did our best. ” The signature read: “Best wishes” from Engine 1446 in Meeker.

Stones responded immediately by tweeting: “We received your note and are forever in your debt. You are real superheroes. Words cannot express everything we feel. Thanks”.

Stones’ tweet has garnered an incredible amount of Twitter views, over 950 retweets and 4,000 likes. Stones told FOX31, “It warms the heart. I am an adult and I am ready to admit that I cried. It was so touching. ” The Engine 1446 team that left the note told FOX31 that they were shocked that so many people were moved by their simple message. “The main thing for us is that Stones will be able to enter his house. It still stands still. “