Congressman with coronavirus refused to wear a mask in the Capitol

The Republican Congressman, who had just announced that he had a coronavirus, refused to wear a mask.

Rep. Tom Rice, a Republican from South Carolina, announced Monday that he, his wife, and his son are infected with coronavirus. At the same time, he came to Congress hearings without a mask less than two weeks ago.

When CNN reporter Manu Raju asked Rice why he didn’t cover his face, the conservative congressman said that he kept 2 meters from everyone who was in the building on Capitol Hill that day and did not need to wear a mask.

Rice said that on June 7 he had relatively mild symptoms of the virus, his son had a high fever and a very strong cough. COVID-19 can spread even from asymptomatic carriers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone wear a protective mask indoors, especially if there are signs of infection.