Congressmen called for new sanctions against Russia on chemical weapons

The U.S. Congress has called for a second round of sanctions against Russia over chemical weapons.

Representatives of the Republican Party of the United States called for the introduction of a new round of sanctions, and addressed this initiative to Joe Biden’s administration. Recall that Biden himself represents the Democratic Party of the United States, but that does not prevent Republicans from expecting him to grant their request.

Previously, sanctions against Russia on chemical weapons were imposed by the West, including the United States and European Union countries, in connection with the Skripal poisoning case. The sanctions included a ban on the sale to Russia of technology and products that could have a so-called “dual use”, that is, be used in the military sphere.

The second round of sanctions was to be initiated if Russia did not give up its intentions. But this, according to the congressmen, has not happened.

Senator James Risch and Rep. Michael McCaul felt that since a second round of sanctions had not been imposed by June 2, it was a sign of weakness in Washington.

“By failing to impose these mandatory sanctions, your administration is giving up its best opportunity to confront Russian violations,” the congressmen stressed.