Construction of Tesla plant in Germany suspended due to sleeping kites

Construction of Tesla plant in Germany suspended due to sleeping kites

The Administrative Court of Frankfurt on Oder, after a complaint from environmentalists, ruled that the company – producer of electric cars of the American billionaire Ilona Mask Tesla – should suspend logging on the territory of the alleged Gigafactory.

The complaint was filed by the Green League of Brandenburg and the Union of Nature Conservation and Biodiversity. Environmentalists of these organizations referred to the German law on nature protection, which should be strictly applied to protect the local European smooth snake and sand lizard.

According to environmentalists, these animals may spend the winter on the territory where the company plans to cut down forests. Violation of winter sleep may endanger the lives of these animals, says Reuters.

The court decided to suspend cutting down the forest while the suit is pending.

Plant Tesla 40 km from Berlin should earn from the summer of 2021. According to the plans of the company, it should produce about 150 thousand machines Tesla Model 3 and Model Y a year. In the future, the production volume should increase to 500 thousand cars per year.

Before the start of construction Gigafactory Tesla decided to cut down about 300 hectares of forest, which caused discontent among local residents.

The first foreign plant Tesla launched in Shanghai, where it began production of electric car Model 3. In July 2018, it became known that Tesla is negotiating with the authorities of Germany and the Netherlands to build its first plant in Europe.
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