10 months ago

Coronavirus: how to safely go to the beach?

10 months ago

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has several new rules so people can protect themselves from COVID-19. Some of them relate to beach lovers.

Beach people are encouraged to practice social distance to protect themselves from coronavirus. Heading to the coast, everyone should remember that this type of leisure is different from a walk in the park.

A closer and longer time of communication with people who do not live together increases the risk of coronavirus infection. Therefore, beach managers should encourage the wearing of masks among staff and visitors, especially when social distance is not possible. Employees and visitors to the beach should be at least 2 meters apart, especially if they do not live with their beach neighbors. You need to have a personal disinfector with you, especially in the case of going to a shared shower.

Vacationers should refuse to go to sea if they have any symptoms of COVID-19.

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