Coronavirus-infected polling station worker dies after election day

Missouri election observer who knew he tested positive for COVID-19 but still worked at a polling station on election day dies of coronavirus

The worker, whose name has not been released, learned that he was ill on October 30, but did not isolate himself for 2 weeks, as required by the rules, said representatives of St. Charles County. However, it was not specified what exactly caused his death and whether it is related to COVID-19. The deceased worked at a polling station in Blanchette Park Memorial Hall, which was attended by 1,858 voters.

District officials do not believe they were at risk of contracting the coronavirus because the employee did not come into “close contact” – however, nine other election officials were advised to be tested for COVID-19. In light of the incident, St. Charles County Public Health Director Demetrius Chianchi-Chapman reminded residents of their “responsibility to other members of the community” if they test positive for coronavirus.