Coronavirus learned to diagnose without tests

11 months ago

Scientists at the Cleveland Clinic (USA) have created a tool to predict and diagnose coronavirus infection. A preprint of the study was published in the journal Chest.

As part of the study of the problem, specialists conducted an analysis of case histories of about 12 thousand patients with COVID-19. Based on the study, patterns were identified that explain the methods of effective protection against coronavirus. Doctors have identified 16 drugs and three combinations of drugs that can be used in the treatment and prevention of coronavirus.

“For example, our studies have shown that melatonin reduces the risk of getting a positive test result for COVID-19,” said Dr. Michael Kattan, lead researcher. It also turned out that those who received the pneumococcal vaccine and the flu vaccine had a lower risk of infection than those who did not receive the vaccination. Experts emphasized that their findings need additional verification.

“Our findings have confirmed several risk factors, for example, that older men are more susceptible to coronavirus disease than other social groups,” Cattan said. The scientist spoke about several interesting correlations, which, however, do not give cause-effect relationships and need to be tested.

Also, private clinic specialists have created an online calculator that can predict the likelihood of a COVID-19 disease. The tool works on the basis of data on a person, including age, gender, ethnicity, the presence or absence of chronic diseases and the region of residence.

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