Coronavirus patients complained about tooth loss

Many people suffering from coronavirus (COVID-19) have had their teeth deteriorated.

Thus, some patients with coronavirus reported worsening of the condition of teeth some time after infection. Some teeth fall out without bleeding. This is reported by HuffPost. This may be due to poor blood saturation of the head as a result of vascular problems.

As you know, sometimes coronavirus leads to blood clots and clogged blood vessels. Thus, damages to the heart, lungs, intestines, kidneys and brain have already been observed. Something similar can happen to the gums that do not receive enough oxygen through the blood.

“Our jaw is very saturated with blood vessels. We have many teeth, sensitive gums, tongue and taste buds that require nutrition,” said vascular biologist and medical director of the Angiogenesis Foundation William Lee.

According to him, when infected with coronavirus, bacteria capture ACE 2 protein, which is a receptor to enter the virus cell. The more such proteins in a certain part of the body, the more the organ is affected.

This protein is most often found in the lungs, which suffer the most, but there are also many of them in the oral cavity.

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