10 months ago

Coronavirus-Recover Patient Receives $ 1.1 Million Bill in US

10 months ago

Flor struggled with the disease for a record 62 days at the Swedish clinic in Issaku and not far from Seattle. His condition was so critical that the night shift nurse held a telephone receiver near his ear so that the man could say goodbye to his family. The man’s heart, lungs and kidneys failed, but he managed to survive.

Now Michael Flor has received an account that looks more like a book, because it occupies 181 pages and includes almost 3000 positions.

It is indicated that during the treatment, the ward in the intensive care unit cost Michael Flora $ 9736 per day, and the mechanical ventilation apparatus, which the elderly man needed for 29 days, cost another $ 2835 per day. Another $ 300 thousand cost medicine. The total amount for treatment was $ 1,122,501.04.

It is noted that Michael Flor is participating in the Medicare Senior Health Insurance Program, so he will not have to pay a significant portion of the total.

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