Coronavirus vaccine AstraZeneca completed tests

Coronavirus vaccine AstraZeneca completed tests

Tests have shown that AstraZeneca vaccine is effective in 70% of coronavirus cases on average.

Oxford University and AstraZeneca published the results of the last stage of the test. The test results were published in the scientific journal Lancet.

The developers report that the vaccine can be effective at 62% if a patient receives two full doses of the drug. If a patient first receives half and then the full dose of the vaccine, the drug is 90% effective.

The University of Oxford and AstraZeneca were the first developers to publish the results of the last phase of the Coronavirus vaccine clinical trials.

As you know, in November AstraZeneca evaluated the effectiveness of its coronavirus vaccine. Even before the end of the trials, the company stated that the vaccine is 70% effective. However, due to questionable intermediate results, AstraZeneca announced additional coronavirus vaccine trials.