COVID-19 candidate wins elections in North Dakota

North Dakota residents elected the deceased to the state legislature on Tuesday.

Republican David Andahl, 55, passed away on October 5 as a result of the fight against coronavirus. Less than a month later, Bismarck’s voters sent him and his partner Dave Nering to the State House of Representatives from District 8.

According to the state electoral commission, Andal won about 35% of the vote in the constituency, and only Nering overtook him with about 40%.

State Attorney Wayne Stenehjem ruled last month that all votes cast for Andal must be counted and that a vacancy would be created in his place if he wins. The seat can then be filled either by the legislature’s party or by voters in a by-election.

According to the Bismarck Tribune, 8th GOP chairman Lauren DeWitz said the appointment would be “open to anyone who wants to.”