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COVID-19: over 3 million people recovered in the world

COVID-19: over 3 million people recovered in the world

The most recovered patients in the United States – more than 645 thousand. At the same time, over 100 thousand Americans died.

As of the morning of June 3, 6,453,781 people were infected with the coronavirus COVID-19 in the world. Of these, 382 512 died, 3 068 122 recovered. This is evidenced by data released on the Worldometers website.

The first place in the world in the number of infected people is occupied by the USA – 1,881,205 people. 108 059 fatal cases were recorded in the country, 645 974 patients recovered.

Brazil is in second place with 558,237 infected, 31,309 dead and 253,570 recovered

In the third, Russia, where 423,741 people were infected with COVID-19, 5,037 died, 186,985 recovered.

In the fourth, Spain – 287 012 infected, 27 127 fatal cases, recovered – 150 376.

In fifth place, the UK – in the country 277 985 cases, 39 369 died. There are no official data on recovered yet.

Earlier, we wrote that people are starting to test coronavirus vaccines in Oxford. Germany is also starting to test the vaccine against COVID-19 in humans. In the US, human vaccine trials began back in March.

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