COVID-19. There are only 6 new infections in China

The number of people infected with a new type of COVID-19 coronavirus infection in the world reached 3 million 083 thousand 464 people. According to research centers of the coronavirus, the number of deaths exceeded 212 thousand. The number of recovered – 934 thousand 150 people.

In the United States, which came first in the number of people infected with the virus, 1 million 010 thousand 507 confirmed cases. The number of deaths is 56 thousand 803 people. In Spain, the number of confirmed cases is 232 thousand 128. The number of deaths in Spain is 23 thousand 822 people. During the day, more than 2 thousand new cases were revealed here.

In Italy, the number of infected – 199 thousand 414 people, the number of deaths – 26 thousand 977. In France – 165 thousand 842 confirmed cases, the number of deaths – 23 thousand 293. In Germany – 158 thousand 758 confirmed cases, the number of deaths – 6 thousand 126. Germany is followed by Great Britain, bypassing the country of origin of the infection China. The infection rate in the UK is 157 thousand 149 infected, the number of deaths is 21 thousand 092. The number of confirmed cases in Turkey is 112 thousand 261, 2 900 people died.

In the country where the outbreak of the pandemic occurred, China – 82 thousand 836 infected, 6 new cases and not a single new lethal outcome per day, in total, 4 633 people died in China. In Brazil – 67 thousand 446 infected, in Canada – 48 thousand 500, in Belgium – 47 thousand 334, in the Netherlands – 38 thousand 416.

The number of people infected in Qatar reached 11 thousand 921 people, 10 deaths were recorded here. In the UAE, 11,380 people were infected with coronavirus, and 89 cases of mortality.

In Egypt – 4,782 cases, 337 people died here. In Kuwait, 23 deaths were recorded, 3,440 cases of infection. The number of people infected in Iraq was 1,847, the mortality rate was 88. The number of people infected in Syria reached 43. 3 patients died. In Lebanon, 717 cases of infection and 24 cases of death.

Australia: to the beach, keeping a distance

Despite the highest incidence rates of Covid-19 in Australia’s largest metropolis, local authorities decided to open access to the ocean from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Bondi Beach, one of Sydney’s most popular beaches, is once again open to surfing and swimming. Municipal workers count the number of visitors to ensure proper social distance. Sitting in the sand is also not allowed.

“It was so great!” Says the girl who just emerged from the water. “The water is very warm now, I am glad that the beach has opened again. Yes, we really liked it!”

“This is the first morning after the opening, in my opinion, people follow the rules, and the guards work well, tracking everything, making sure that everyone comes in and out,” adds another lover of early bathing.

Australia ranks 43rd in the list of countries most affected by the coronavirus epidemic. On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health confirmed seven cases of infection per day, noting that this is the lowest daily growth rate since the crisis began.

The total number of infected in the country reached 6 725 people, 84 patients died from COVID-19.

From May 4, Belgium plans to start phasing out isolation measures

The continued slowdown in the spread of the new coronavirus in Belgium allows us to begin to gradually ease isolation measures, said Benoit Remaker, spokesman for the coronavirus crisis headquarters.

“The numbers presented today demonstrate that there is a downward trend. This is important because now we can gradually move to mitigate some of the strengthened measures from next Monday,” the Belgian representative said at a press conference in Brussels. At the same time, he said, additional efforts are needed to maintain the current trend. “The incidence curve depends on our behavior,” – said the representative of the crisis headquarters.

He added that “in the coming months this virus will not go anywhere, and society will have to get along with it.”

According to the crisis headquarters, the number of patients with coronavirus in Belgium over the past day amounted to 647 people, 134 people died with a confirmed diagnosis or suspected coronavirus.

Thus, the total number of patients since the outbreak in mid-March today is 47,334, the total number of deaths is 7,331 (taking into account all confirmed and suspicious cases).

Doctors note a trend towards a decrease in the number of patients in hospitals hospitalized with coronavirus. Over the past 24 hours, 123 new hospitalizations were recorded (127 hospitalized were reported the day before).

Starting May 4, the country plans to begin phasing out isolation measures.

In Austria, restrictions on the movement of citizens are lifted

In Austria, in connection with the positive development of the epidemiological situation, it was decided in May to lift restrictions on the movement of citizens. However, they will still have to maintain a social distance of one meter. This was announced on Tuesday by the Minister of Health of Austria Rudolf Anschober. In addition, from May 1, according to him, in the country meetings of people are allowed, not exceeding 10 people.

Subject to certain conditions, demonstrations are also permitted. These measures will be valid until the end of June. From May 15, subject to the rules of social distance, restaurants open. And from May 29 in Austria hotels will again begin to work. This was announced by Minister of Tourism Elizabeth Köstinger.

Some U.S. states are gradually loosening coronavirus restrictions

More and more U.S. states are easing restrictions imposed on coronavirus, while the Trump administration is considering proposed recommendations for the gradual resumption of business, the opening of schools and churches.

Leaders of Minnesota, Colorado, Mississippi, Montana have allowed some companies to resume work from Monday. Earlier, Georgia, Oklahoma, Alaska and South Carolina decided to take similar steps in an effort to return people to work and give them the opportunity to return to some semblance of their lives before the coronavirus epidemic.

Georgia, which was one of the first to ease restrictions, on Monday allowed residents to dine inside restaurants and go to movie theaters.

At the same time, President Donald Trump and several local officials criticized Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for allowing restaurants to resume work now.

Trump promises to demand compensation from China

The US president again accused China of hiding information about the coronavirus and did not rule out the possibility of demanding multi-billion dollar compensation for the damage. The statement was made on Monday at the White House press conference resumed after the weekend break: “We are not very pleased with China. We are unhappy with this whole situation because we believe that the epidemic could be stopped at the source. It could be quickly stopped and it would not spread around the world, “said Donald Trump in particular.

The United States continues to take first place in the number of deaths from the effects of coronavirus: more than 56 thousand people. Nevertheless, Trump again called on the governors to resume economic activity “as soon as possible, but with precautionary measures.” He also expressed the wish that students return to school before the end of the academic year.

It became known about the instructions of the White House regarding testing: it was recommended that governors test up to 2.6% of the population per month.

In New York, which remains the main focus of the US epidemic, there has been a downward trend in hospital admissions and deaths. On the eve, Governor Andrew Cuomo made it clear that after May 15, quarantine may be extended in some parts of the state.