COVID-19 will kill many cancer patients?

10 months ago

The IQVIA Data Science Institute published a report that shed light on the effect of COVID-19 on cancer patients. According to the report, about 80 thousand US residents are forced to postpone or skip the treatment of cancer due to coronavirus, this could lead to their premature death.

COVID-19 revealed a multitude of vulnerabilities in the US healthcare infrastructure, most notably the ability of the system to continue to take care of every case of a high-risk chronic disease, such as cancer and heart disease, in a state of crisis. Long-term consequences can be devastating – doctors expect a dramatic surge in untreated and untreated cancer cases as a side effect of the pandemic.

The United States has already seen a 37 percent decline in cancer diagnosis compared to the same period last year. The number of people who underwent mammograms fell by 87%, colonoscopy – by 90,% Papanicolaou test – by 83%. As a rule, about 1.8 million cases of cancer are diagnosed each year, but people who have missed an appointment in the last three months will not receive treatment.

If Americans wait until next year to be examined, their undiagnosed condition may worsen, even if the cancer remains treatable. This can lead to significantly worse consequences for their quality of life and even death.

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