COVID crimes: fake test results can be purchased around the world

The black market is adapting no worse than the official one to the conditions of the coronavirus era: now scammers from different countries are selling fake coronavirus test results – of course, negative.

According to The Washington Post, these documents are sold primarily to tourists: without a paper confirming the absence of COVID-19a, people are not allowed abroad.

Fake tests have already been noticed in France, Brazil, the UK and other countries. For example, in Paris, fake documents were sold right at the airport – at $ 180–360 per electronic file. It was possible to identify the intruders after the fake was noticed on a passenger from Ethiopia. In Britain, scammers work directly with travel agencies – they can give a negative result along with a plane ticket (fortunately, not fake).

Government agencies, however, have become more serious about document checks, so now it is quite difficult to use fake, the author of The Washington Post notes. For example, the government of Hawaii requires you to take tests in a specific laboratory and send the results online prior to arrival.