COVID mutant advances: Britons flee the country in panic

COVID mutant advances: Britons flee the country in panic

Contagious Kingdom. A new strain of coronavirus – much more dangerous than the previous one – has been identified in Britain. The islands are at risk of isolation because of it, and dozens of countries have already closed air links. And strict restrictions are being imposed in the country itself.

The British are fleeing the country in a panic. There is chaos in London. At the exits from the city – kilometer-long traffic jams. There are thousands of passengers at train stations and airports. No one is thinking about safety.

“We managed to buy the last two tickets for this flight. We were supposed to leave on Tuesday. But given the situation, we decided not to take the risk and leave London earlier,” a passenger noted.

Those who decided to stay on the island, stormed the stores a few hours before the full lockdown. Crowds of shoppers, queues stretching even into the street. People buy up gifts in a hurry. The main holiday – Christmas – will have to be celebrated at home.

“Of course, it’s not easy. We all made plans for Christmas – we wanted to celebrate it with our loved ones, and now what? They tell us the holiday has been canceled, so am I going to celebrate alone?” – London resident Sam asks.

The thief of Christmas is a mutant virus. A new strain of COVID-19 has been identified in England. It’s 70% more contagious than the previous strain. And how badly it affects the body is anyone’s guess. The number of people infected in Britain has already passed 2 million. Today, the anti-record is 36,000 infected.

“The new variant of the coronavirus is out of control. The number of hospitalized patients in England has risen by 13%, and those sick by 14%. More than half of those infected in London were infected with the new strain of COVID-19,” said British Health Secretary Matthew Hancock.

As it turned out, scientists discovered mutant COVID back in September, but did not pay much attention to it. Now they are fighting the consequences. Even if belatedly, authorities have imposed a stricter quarantine than before. They have closed all non-food stores, gyms, beauty salons. The country was sliced into coronavirus danger zones. 17 million people, including Londoners, were in the most infected.

“In London, the new danger level is level four – the highest. From now on, all city residents are forbidden to leave their homes. Work must be done from home. Residents of level four areas must not spend the night anywhere else than their home. It is also forbidden to travel outside the city,” said the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson.

Europeans are frightened. The Old World is shutting itself off from Britain: dozens of countries have already closed transport links with Britain. But it is impossible to contain the new strain of the virus: it has already been detected in Denmark, Australia, the Netherlands, and South Africa.

Russia is in no hurry to join the British air blockade. But even if it happens, the Association of Tour Operators believes that there will not be a serious problem. Passenger traffic to London is small at the moment.