COVID mutated 30 times in COVID mutated 30 times in HIV patient’s body

2 weeks ago

A woman was found in South Africa with a coronavirus mutated 30 times in her body. It is noted that the woman also has HIV. She had been sick with the coronavirus for 216 days.

COVID mutated 30 times in COVID mutated 30 times in HIV patient's body

Among the mutations found in the patient, variants from the United Kingdom and South Africa were present at one point or another throughout the disease.

Throughout the disease, the 36-year-old woman went through stages of asymptomatic COVID-19 and normal, in which she felt a sore throat, cough, and difficulty breathing.

Scientists who studied the woman’s case noted that some genetic mutations of the virus in her body made the virus stronger, other mutations resisted vaccines, and others blocked drugs against COVID-19.

Scientists paid special attention to the duration of the disease. According to the study, this could confuse efforts to rid the world of the coronavirus, and could change the importance of diagnosing or treating people with HIV to prevent further COVID-19 mutations.