Crew Dragon astronauts talk about the sensations of landing on Earth

Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley described the rumble, heat and tremors when returning from space aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft.

Behnken vividly recounted everything that he noticed or felt during the return flight: clouds rushing by the window, and tremors that were like “hitting a baseball bat on the back of a chair,” a powerful hum. However, both Behnken and Hurley noted that the flight went well – on schedule.

Astronauts splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico, completing their first commercial crewed mission to the ISS from American soil. “As we descended, I was surprised at how quickly everything was happening. It seemed that it had been only a couple of minutes after leaving orbit, and we just looked at the clouds rushing by, ”said Benken.

“When we went down into the atmosphere a little bit, Dragon really came to life. He started to start the engines and keep us in the right direction. The atmosphere has started to make noise – you can hear this rumbling outside the ship and trembling in your body. We also felt all the small rolls and jerks of the apparatus, ”the astronauts noted.

“I recorded the sound, but it doesn’t sound like a machine, it sounds like an animal,” Benken said.