Cult follower Lori Vallow believes that her murdered children were zombies

11 months ago

New details of the shocking murder of two children in Idaho released in court documents. In particular, it became known that their mother Lori Vallow, a member of the apocalyptic sect, believed that the children were zombies.

Seven-year-old JJ Wallow and 17-year-old Tili Ryan went missing last September. A few weeks ago, their bodies were found on the land of stepfather Ched Dabell in Idaho. At the same time, a mother arrested in Hawaii hid her knowledge about the fate of her own children. In new court documents, the search for bodies is described in detail, while it is mentioned that Lori Wallow, a cult follower, was deeply convinced that her own children were zombies. She gave such an affidavit under oath.

Melanie Gibb, a close friend of Wallow, explained the understanding of the term as follows: “This refers to a person whose mortal spirit has left his body and that his body is now the master of another spirit.” And this new spirit is always demonic, and the real spirit man gets stuck in uncertainty until the body is physically destroyed.

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