Czech scientists created anti-coronavirus paper

Czech scientists created anti-coronavirus paper

The development is capable of completely destroying bacteria on human skin in minutes.

Researchers from the Institute of Chemical Processes of the Czech Academy of Sciences began work on paper five years ago. Nobody knew about the coronavirus then – the goal was to get a paper with antibacterial action. Great demand for it was in the Third World countries that wanted to prevent the spread of disease through money, tickets, etc.

“We developed the antibacterial paper in three years,” said Jiri Sobek, one of the authors of the development.

When the coronavirus pandemic broke out, the scientists decided to expand the range of action of their invention. They found a special filler – nanostructured complexes of zinc and silver. They operate throughout the life of the paper, are not isolated from it and are completely safe in contact with human skin.

The improved paper was called Anticovid. It can not only kill 99% of bacteria in a minute, but also kill up to 70% of coronaviruses in 10 minutes, and completely destroy them – in half an hour. According to Sobek, scientists are now working to achieve 100% coronavirus destruction in 10 minutes.