11 months ago

Daddy, who survived coronavirus, pneumonia, sepsis and double stroke, will be studied by doctors

11 months ago

The father of two children, a survivor of coronavirus, bilateral pneumonia, sepsis, heart failure and two strokes, will be studied by medical experts. This is reported by SUN.

Omar Taylor, 31, has agreed to assist scientists in a special research project to study the impact of Covid-19. “Doctors have asked him for permission to investigate the circumstances of his recovery,” said his wife, Caitlin, who is a nurse practitioner, in an interview with Mirror. – They think it will benefit other patients with Covid-19. We are happy to help someone else. We don’t want anyone else to go through what we’ve been through, so we agree on anything that can help us stop this disease.

Omaru was applauded by the medical staff at Colchester Hospital in Essex, UK, April 18. He was also greeted by neighbors in Rouge when he came home to celebrate his son’s second birthday. During the painful Covid-19 trial, Omar lost his ability to speak and his 30-year-old wife, Caitlin Taylor, was told that the worst was to be expected. Omar lost the sensitivity of his right arm and the doctors told him that he may not be able to walk anymore. But he got out of the hospital on his own. “I’m so glad my dad’s home,” said his 4-year-old daughter, Vivien.

According to Caitlin, Omar was “determined” to leave the hospital for his son Harrison’s second birthday.

“First we were told that he would die, then we were told that he could never walk,” said his wife. – His recovery is an absolute miracle. It was absolutely stunning. He was determined to get out on time for our son’s second birthday, and he did it. We’re having a really “big party,” just the four of us. It was amazing to see the neighbors coming together to welcome him home.

Omar is the regional director of Care UK medical company. He is currently undergoing speech therapy and can only say two or three words. His right hand is still paralysed, but doctors hope that by the end of 2020 he will have recovered 90%. “It was so difficult, especially with two young children,” said Caitlin. – Harrison, who turns 2 next week, didn’t recognize him. He was afraid of his father the first couple of hours after his return. But Vivien, our 4-year-old, is a real ‘daddy’s girl. She hasn’t moved away from him since he got home. She helps him go to the bathroom and shower, and she’s so happy he’s home. He’s been away for a total of eight weeks. It’s not that long for an adult, but for children it seems like forever.

They didn’t think he would ever come back. It was the worst nightmare for everyone. But the support we got really helped us.” Friends and relatives raised £15,000 for family expenses and Omar’s rehabilitation. Omar had previously suffered from ulcerative colitis. On March 19, he was taken to the hospital with shortness of breath. Four days later, he was sent to the I.C.U. and connected to the IVF. “One day at 4:45, the hospital called me and told me to prepare for the worst,” said Caitlin. – They decided to incubate him and put him in an artificial coma. I looked at our children and thought about how I would tell them that their father was dying. But Omar was able to survive all the complications caused by the coronavirus and return to his family. The history of his illness, his body characteristics and the treatments applied to him will be studied in detail by doctors to identify the factors that contributed to his recovery.

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