Dan Brown – author of The Da Vinci Code, led a double life

The ex-wife of the famous American writer Dan Brown claims that he “secretly extorted money for dirty things.” In general, she talked about the fact that the author led a double life.

Blythe Brown has filed a lawsuit against his ex-spouse, in which he claims to have been involved in “illegal and flagrant conduct” during the last years of their marriage. She states that the writer secretly withdrew large sums of money to lead a secret life and maintain extramarital affairs with other women, including an equestrian coach from the Netherlands and a local hairdresser.

She also says that Dan Brown allegedly used funds from joint assets to give expensive gifts to his mistresses. Mentioned the purchase of a horse in the amount of 345 thousand dollars and more. He also spent common money with a “political official” and hid future projects and profits from them.

Brown states that all the claims of the ex-wife are a hoax.