Dancing with the Stars 2022 LIVE Selma Blair is blindfolded as she dances in a tribute to her mom and dad, but the dance had an ‘double meaning’

On the program’s James Bond night, the actress, who will be taking on season 31 Dancing With the Stars performed the rumba Sheena Easton’s For Your Eyes Only from the 1981 film with the identical name. She wore blindfolds as a special tribute to an idol of hers.

In her introduction, Blair moved all of us, including herself, to tears when she explained the significance of the song and dedicated her rendition to her mother’s passing, Molly Ann.

In addition, Blair executed the majority of the dance wearing blindfolds throughout the dance as her dance partner Sasha Farber had decided, that helped counterbalance Blair’s MS and the associated tendency for sensory overstimulation.

The event also gave them an opportunity to showcase their trust and respect for each other as dance partners, and also how Farber can give Blair confidence and security when they dance.

Dancing with the Stars airs live every Monday night through Disney+ at 8pm ET.

  • Hough believes in the underdogs of the leagueWithin the exact interview as part of a partnership agreement with Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Cards from Chase and their brand new Teach the Love programDerek Hough said that he believes that many distinct competitors may emerge and be able to win at the final.” Trevor Donovan was a real surprise to me,” he said. “Because particularly in the initial package, the initial week, he said I’m scared of dancing, and I’m like, ‘Okay you can put it to bed and go on with your life, bro. You love dance. You’ve been through the ages from one end to the next. Now , you’ll become obsessed with dancing.”He also stated: “Even Vinny [GuadagninoVinny [Guadagnino] is an absolute pleasure to observe. In the beginning, he seemed kind of eh however the following week, he returned and was a complete delight. He’s just giving everything he has and is enjoyable to watch. So we’ll wait and see how it goes.”
  • Derek Hough on contestants at the top of the leaderboardAlthough there are certain competitors who are top of the line in terms of dance ability and judge ratings Judge Derek Hough said that he believes that many contestants who aren’t on the top of the leaderboards will delight viewers.”I believe Jordin Sparks is magnetic. I think she’s got the most amazing charisma and shine dancing,” he said in an interview in the partnership in a partnership Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Cards from Chase and their brand new Teach the Love Program.”I believe that Daniel [DurantDurant is an extraordinary person, I’m amazed. His musicality is amazing and he’s also deaf and it’s amazing.”Hough added: ” Selma Blair has been doing incredible actions that are defying the odds. Gabby [Windeyis a total stunner. is awe-inspiring. She’s a very strong dancer.”
  • How do I watch DWTS?Dancing with the Stars has relocated onto Disney+ and is now the first Disney+ live streaming show.Two-hour new shows of DWTS are accessible to stream live through Disney+ each Monday night at 8pm ET.The next episode will be one that is a Disney+ themed episode, which means that the pairings will be a tribute to the most the most popular Disney+ shows and movies during their shows.
  • Sam Champion’s sincerityThis week’s episode on DWTS included 61-year old Sam Champion chatting with his professional companion Cheryl Burke, 38, in rehearsals prior to their show.The two took a moment to reflect on the dance of the previous week, where the judge Carrie Ann Inaba had praised the anchor’s “confidence”.”Where are you thinking it originated?” asked Cheryl”I do not think you’ll be able to have confidence when you’re not honest about you,” Sam began.”Before I became confident about living my life as a gay person, I was praying that it would disappear since my father was not happy about it. We didn’t speak in about two years.”
  • Kourtney and Travis appeared on the showIn this week’s episode on DWTS, TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio, 18 and her professional companion Mark Ballas opened the James Bond themed night by dancing to Billie Eilish’s song No Time To Die.Following their Rumba cameras showed the camera that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker were present to show their support to Charli.The pair were together through Landon Landon, who is engaged to the contestant.
  • Who is Bruno Tonioli?Bruno Tonioli, born in Italy and has been living in London since the year 1975.Bruno choreographed stage performances as well as music videos and tour dates for a variety of well-known artists, such as those from the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, and Tina Turner.Bruno is homosexual and has never been married.
  • Who is Len Goodman?Len Goodman, who is 78, comes born in England.He began dancing when he was 19 and continued to be a professional competitor.Len has been the chief judge for Dancing with the Stars since its inception the show in 2005.He just was unable to attend Season 29 due to the travel restrictions for Covid-19. That’s when Derek took over his spot.His wife is Sue Barrett, and shares the name of a son James William Goodman with ex-girlfriend Lesley.He was earlier wed with Cherry Kingston.
  • Who is Derek Hough?Derek Hough, 37, hails located in Salt Lake City, Utah and is professional choreographer, Latin and ballroom dancers, actors and a vocalist.He has been in a relationship with pro-professional choreographer Hayley Erbert since the year 2015.He was an adjudicator on the DWTS the last season, following appearing as a professional judge on the show. He is expected to return as a judge for the upcoming season.
  • Who is Carrie Ann Inabe?Carrie Ann, 54, hails originally from Honolulu Hawaii in Hawaii. started her singing career from Japan.She performed in concerts with stars such as David Bowie, Madonna and Prince.The dancer has been jury member in every episode of Dancing with the Stars since it began in 2005.Carrie Ann has been engaged twice in the past, to Jesse Sloan and Robb Derringer She also once dated Russian dancing star Artem Chigvintsev who was the winner of season 29.
  • Season 31 judgesFor Season 31, viewers have seen many returnees who are on the jury.The judges this season are Len GoodmanCarrie Ann InabaBruno Tonioli along with Derek Hough.All four judges were on the panel during Season 30.
  • Gleb claims he “supported” Shangela for her appearance on the show.Interview in an interview with Online Casino, Gleb Savchenko stated the fact that He “supported” that decision put Shangela in Dancing with the Stars “from the beginning.””Even when I was on Strictly I was interviewed and a shoot with Attitude magazine. They asked me if I’d ever be paired with a male and I replied yes,” he told the publication. “Because first of all, it’s not easy, but also a matter of visible. It’s bringing awareness and education to the masses.”We have millions millions of viewers, and currently the show is in the middle of Disney+. It’s great to inform and demonstrate that there’s no need to be a man and a girl dancing or two girls, or it can be two males, and it won’t matter as we’re making an art form that’s about sharing positive energy. The focus is on love, and this is about creating art.”
  • Gleb Savchenko’s thoughts about Charlie D’Amelio this seasonDancing with the Stars pro Gleb Savchenko met with Online Casino in an interview. The two talked about whether he believes that his fellow contestant Charlie D’Amelio holds an advantage over his fellow competitors this season.He stated: “Everyone has a different background. Of course, everyone has some advantage but I’d think it’s wonderful to have someone with that background in the program. Since, even when Shangela was on the show, I said “look, she’s closing her feet, watch the lines she’s using’. This actually helps certain celebrities observe other stars and gain knowledge. Then they can say, “I would like to do this, I want to get better at it’.”But I admire and respect and enjoy watching people like Charli but at the at the same time, I believe we are in competing with ourselves.”We are determined to be able to deliver a top-quality job, and I’d like ensure that Shangela is looking her best on Monday night . I don’t want to put her in a position of stress and I want her to be a little relaxed and enjoy. This is an opportunity that will last a lifetime. “
  • This season, there are two hosts.Tyra Banks has returned on hosting the program as host.She will be joining in this year’s season with Alfonso Ribeiro.While Tyra is with the dancers while the judges give their feedback. Alfonso interview the dancers as they wait to receive their scores.
  • Emma Slater: ‘It’s so easy to be me with Trevor’After Monday’s Bond-themed evening, professional Emma Slater said to the media concerning her team “It’s very easy being me in the company of Trevor.”The competition is progressing, and the audience seems to be paying more at the couple’s relationship onand off screen after their heated Rumba performance the week before. Co-host Alfonso Ribeiro questioned their apparent bond after their performance.In response to questions the pair only replied the fact that they “trust” the bond they’ve built over the course of the season.”I’m very grateful that you’re there every day and you’re not sure what I’m planning to do to the next day, so you put your faith in me,” Emma said to Trevor on Monday.
  • Teresa Giudice claims she knew Len didn’t intend to cast a vote for her.Real Housewives of New Jersey star and former DWTS contestant Teresa Giudice declared that she was aware that she was going to be eliminated following her performance at Elvis Night.In the evening of her demotion like every other night the chief adjudicator Len Goodman is dubbed with the ability to end the tie vote should it happen. He was given the option to keep Cheryl Ladd and her partner Louis Van Amstel, or Teresa and her friend Pasha Pashkov; Len chose to take out the second couple.”Yeah I don’t think Len liked me so as much.” declared The Real Housewives star regarding the judge’s vote. “I knew Len would not select me.”
    • Selma Blair was blindfolded for the episodeIn the latest episode the actor Selma Blair did the Rumba with her partner Sasha Farber to Sheena Easton’s For Your Eyes Only during the show’s Bond Night episode, but she performed it with her eyes closed.Sasha revealed in their program that he opted to include Selma wear a blindfold to reduce Blair’s MS flares and tendencies for sensory overload.The decision was also an opportunity to build confidence between dance dancing partners.In the case of the dance Selma made the decision to dedicate it to her mother, who died in the past.
  • Val Chmerkovskiy and his partnership with Gabby WindeyPro DWTS Val Chmerkovskiy admitted that he’s in contact alongside Gabby Windey this season and is trying to limit his intensity when he spoke to Us Weekly.The relationship of Chmerkovskiy as well as Windey is wonderful and they seem to be in perfect harmony.”She’s an outstanding teacher,” he said in the interview. “She is able to follow directions and doesn’t always make things personal. To me, that’s the most important thing. There’s a very and I wouldn’t call it a thin line I believe there’s a evident distinction between being hard and calling for accountability with regards to the work we perform in the course of our show. Regarding me, at the very least.”He said: “I’m the first to affirm that the patience you expect from me in teaching you to dance is something I’d love to return,” he continued.”I do have moments that aren’t my most enjoyable moments, but as they’re over, I’ll be the first one to fix them. So, Gabby has been a joy to work with, and I’m only as excellent as my coworker.”
  • DWTS announces tour for 2023This week’s episode the cohost Alfonso Ribeiro announced that the Dancing with the Stars live tour will be returning in 2023.The brand-new stage show for this year to debut on January 6 , at MGM National Harbor in Washington DC, will include dance numbers from the season 31 according to the official announcement of the tour.Fans can find more information through dwtstour.com.
  • The remaining couples Every year, DWTS casts many famous celebrities to compete against their legendary dancers to win their share of the Mirrorball Trophy.
  • The mistake of TyraIn her role as hosts Tyra Banks presented his son Travis Landon before her audience members, she committed a an obvious error.”Charli’s Kourtney Kardashian Barker as well as Travis Barker and Logan Barker are in town!” she said.”I am sure that you are extremely happy in this moment.”However, social media users quickly picked up on the name mistake.”Logan Barker? This is Landon Barker!” raged one.Another voice chimed to: “Oops …. ‘Logan’ Barker.”A third person wrote: “His name is Landon, Tyra.”
  • Kourtney and Travis appeared on the showIn this week’s episode on DWTS, TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio, 18 and her professional companion Mark Ballas opened the James Bond themed evening with a dance to the tune of Billie Eilish’s Time To Die.Following their Rumba The camera revealed the camera that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker were present to show their support for Charli.They were together through Landon Landon, who is engaged to the contestant.
  • What is the reason Selma has an assistance dog?The episode this week featured Selma Blair with the service dog Scout in rehearsals together with her partner Sasha Farber.In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Selma confessed, “The thing is, I’m constantly snoring. This is one reason why that I’m a Scout.”She went on to say: “It doesn’t mean I lose consciousness or an entire ambulance thing It’s just that causes me to lose my vision as gravity pulls me down and I’m disoriented and I’m gone for a while. The guy is in the middle of me to by bringing the ground more tense by turning him behind.”” Legally Blonde star stated: “It’s an issue that I must be open about my beliefs, and also understand, like”Wait, I actually have this. It’s a thing that happens and then goes away.”
  • Selma was ill during rehearsal.Selma Blair’s dance with partner Sasha Farber spoke about the DWTSparticipant’s determination to compete on Entertainment Tonight.He told him that Selma was fainted prior to the weekend rehearsal, but she informed his that she’d been well and was going to attend the rehearsal in the same way as they had planned.Sasha said to the interviewer “I’m thinking”Take your day off, and just relax'” but that “[Selma’sshe’s like”Nope! ‘”
  • Sam began to crySam Champion, who has been married to Rubem Robierb since 2012 has shared an intimate time in the series discussing his father.”And just before he passed away I looked at him. …” Sam for a long time until he stopped and then hitting the couch to try and squeezing back his tears.”And He said”I’m proud of the man you’ve become. That was all!” he added, smiling.”From the moment from now, I’ll just be me and not think about what it would do to someone other.”In an open confessional, he said: “There’s no doubt that the kid who always was always interested in dancing is still there when I step on the dancefloor.”
  • Sam Champion’s sincerityThe latest episode of DWTS featured 61-year-old Sam Champion chatting with his partner in business Cheryl Burke, 38, as they practiced for their show.The couple were reflecting on the previous week’s dance where the judge Carrie Ann Inaba had praised the anchor’s “confidence”.”Where would you say this originated?” asked Cheryl”I don’t believe you’ll have confidence in yourself in yourself if you’re not honest about you,” Sam began.”Before I became at ease with having a sexual orientation, I was praying that it would disappear since my father was not happy about it. We did not talk during the 2 years.”

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