Danish Prime Minister cancels her own wedding for the third time due to EU summit

10 months ago

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen rescheduled his wedding for the third time due to a European Union summit scheduled for the same date

It is reported by Euronews.

The wedding of Mette Frederiksen and her partner, Bo Tengberg, was scheduled for July 18, but that day a special meeting of EU leaders was convened to discuss the fight against the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Frederiksen noted that she postpones the wedding “to protect the interests of Denmark”.

“I look forward to marrying this fantastic man. But it will not be so simple, and now the meeting of the Council in Brussels was convened precisely on Saturday, in July, when we planned the wedding. Soon we will be able to get married. I look forward to saying “yes” to Bo (who, fortunately, is very patient), ”she added.

It is noted that this is the third time that Fredericksen, 42, has postponed her marriage. First, she postponed her wedding in 2019 due to general elections, and then earlier this year due to a pandemic.

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