Danish prince accused of fraud

The wife of the heir to the throne is ready to support the prosecutors

Joachim, the youngest of the sons of the Queen of Denmark Magreta, was in an extremely unpleasant position. The fact is that the Copenhagen publication Se & Hor openly accused the prince of dishonest behavior, calling him a “prince of fraud.” The publication built its accusation on the fact that the 51-year-old Joachim has been living not in his homeland for several years, but in Paris. However, at the same time, it regularly receives a substantial amount of money from the state – in terms of dollars 834 thousand a year. At the same time, Joachim, who is formally listed as a “military consultant,” has long failed to fulfill any duties as a member of the royal family.

Meanwhile, his younger brother, heir to the throne, Prince Frederick and the wife of Frederick Princess Mary is working for the younger prince. Queen Magreta is already 80 years old, and for health reasons she cannot cope with everything alone. Meanwhile, Frederick and his wife, until they became monarchs, would like to use the remaining time to spend it with their four children. According to insiders, Mary is outraged by the injustice of the situation and wants to petition the queen for the deprivation of Joachim’s money or at least its reduction. She is ready to support the accusation, although not in such a harsh form, put forward by the publication Se & Hor.

Worse, as it became known, Mary and Frederick have every reason to fear that Joachim is going to repeat the maneuver undertaken by Prince Harry – that is, officially leave the royal family. However, unlike the British prince, he is not yet going to become financially independent. Incidentally, the Danish press saw an obvious similarity between Joachim and Harry: both were the sixth in a row to their thrones. Harry follows Prince Charles, William, and his three children. And Joachim – for Frederick and his four heirs. Both the British and Danish princes, according to media reports, grew up in the shadow of older brothers with complexes of “reserve heirs”. And both married women who could not take root in the royal palaces. After all, the wife of Joachim Marie is also not to the liking of the life of a member of the royal family, like Meghan Markle.