Death toll in Croatia earthquake rises to seven

Death toll in Croatia earthquake rises to seven

The death toll from an earthquake in Croatia has risen to seven people. The day before, tremors with a magnitude of 6.3 were recorded near Zagreb.

In the streets are mountains of shingles, broken bricks and plaster. There doesn’t seem to be a single intact building left in the Croatian town of Petrinja.

“It was like I was falling into a volcano. I was in the house, and everything started falling. My daughter and I ran outside and watched the roof of our house and the chimney fall. I couldn’t sleep the whole night, in case it happens again,” said local resident Tomislav Cermak.

An earthquake of over six points almost completely destroyed the town of Hlina. Ninety percent of the buildings there were destroyed. A kindergarten in Petrinje collapsed. The work of the nuclear power plant Krško was suspended. The tremors were felt in the capital Zagreb.

“We have already cleared the capital. People are safe in their homes. We will repair 30 chimneys soon. We know how people feel in destroyed cities. All our teams are now in Petrinje rescuing people from under the rubble,” said Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić.

Rescuers from all over the country are being rushed to the affected areas. More than 20 people have been injured after the tremors. They were taken to hospitals across the country. The death toll from the earthquake has reached seven people, including a 12-year-old girl.

This earthquake was the most devastating in the history of Croatia. It was felt even in the Czech Republic, Austria and Italy.

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